For all the people on this amazing server this is Beastman_389 or B34st
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PostSubject: shacomaster5 and Razorblader123   shacomaster5 and Razorblader123 I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2013 9:35 am

As the server is currently having some of the same issues that have been occurring over the past several weeks, I am unable to send a message to anyone for when they sign on, so I am posting it here for anyone who may see it.

The two players mentioned in the title have been banned, permanently. Shortly after 1AM EST, the console log shows not only those two logging in and leaving shortly after one another, but also: SpeedyStig, MustHurt, LeadingNowhere, and ticalc2010 logging on from the same IP as the other two. Most of the connections lasted just a few seconds, but LeadingNowhere, it seems you may have been connected for 2 minutes, 22 seconds. I suggest everyone check immediately that no damage has been done, and if it has, don't do anything else, as I will have to rollback and erase any new changes you may make.

I apologize, as it is my fault. Mojang was having issues for several days with their authentication servers, so online mode was turned off as to maintain accessibility to the server. It would seem, after some time of no issues with this setting, somebody decided to try to do something with it, whether for fun, or some other purpose, and these two (one of which is guilty) have been banned as a result of their actions. Hopefully no harm was done, and again, I apologize for anything they may have done.
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shacomaster5 and Razorblader123
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